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Creating is a way of life, an act of self-healing, a contemplation on what it means to be a breathing feeling moving thinking doing living human. Here you’ll find examples of my embodied joy and tangible love. May you feel loved and cared for as you invite these creations into your home.

Thank you for being here. You matter



Woo Ceramics is a small batch home pottery studio founded by Heidi Woo, Korean American creator, mother, therapist and community organizer. Ceramics is a healing practice. An inquiry into the human condition. Heidi’s clay creations emerge from the work of establishing peace and acceptance with her body, her history, and the world which both inhabit

embodied joy

tangible love

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our imaginations are limitless. The art we create is functional and aspirational. Saturated with love and evoking the positive power within all of us. Woo Ceramics makes with intention



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since our inception service to community has remained a priority. From organizing an art auction to end hunger to promoting social justice work with sales contributions we have and always will be devoted to social change


we partner with local nonprofits to offer free or low-cost art classes to folks in the community. With virtual learning remaining a primary method for companionship and education, we create opportunities for students to engage with the arts safely. We offer 1:1 ceramic respite to parents and caregivers as a balm during these trying times

Love yourself. Then forget it. Then, love the world.

Mary Oliver

we use low-fire or air-dry clay for any items not used for food. No bit of clay is wasted. All clay scraps, slip, and trimmings are reclaimed. By completely dehydrating, rehydrating, then wedging and processing discarded pieces clay is converted to a usable form. Our electric kiln is supplied by clean renewable energy sourced from 50+ wind and solar farms. We maintain our equipment to the highest standard to optimize for efficiency. We do not use gas or fuel for any of our creations unless stated otherwise

I am so glad you are here. It helps me realize how beautiful my world is.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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